How to order goods on Aliexpress: step-by-step instructions

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The chinese language platform Aliexpress is thought all over the global, tens of millions of customers regularly make purchases right here. However despite the recognition and reliability of this market, many are afraid to make purchases, because they do now not recognize how to buy successfully on Aliexpress. In this text, we will come up with step-by way of-step instructions on a way to choose the right one and the way to buy a product on Aliexpress. From the thing, it will become clean to you the way to use the Aliexpress website with out fear of being deceived.
If you have already offered on Ali extra than as soon as, I still endorse studying this newsletter. I suppose it is going to be beneficial to you, and you will discover important statistics in it.

How to order on Aliexpress

The functionality of the website allows you to view products and data on them with out registering at the website. However, if you decide to order a product on Aliexpress, the system will ask you to sign up an account. Thanks to him, you cannot most effective order a product, however additionally hold track of your orders, add merchandise to wishlists, get hold of bonuses and reductions, correspond with sellers, and so forth.
To sign in, go to Aliexpress. Discover the “check in” button, click on on it.

After clicking, a window will open in which you should select the most suitable registration method for you.

After registration, it’s far advocated to go to your email, discover the letter from Aliexpress and prompt your account with the aid of clicking on the hyperlink in the letter.

For registration, you may get your first purchase bonus with a face fee of $ 2 or greater.

The whole thing, after registration is finished, you can continue to the search for the product and area an order on Aliexpress.

While shopping on Ali, I advocate using cashback. You could of direction do without it. But activating cashback before setting an order thru Aliexpress is a actual discount (3-eight%), that’s activated with a simple click. Authentic, it’s far paid – after receiving the parcel.

The use of cashback all through checkout on Aliexpress (and other shops) should turn out to be a dependancy because this is a awesome manner to get back some of the money spent. The stored money can be withdrawn without difficulty after you acquire your order.
What is a cashback and a way to use it – examine this newsletter. You can read about which cashback is higher here.

Product search

To search for goods on the Aliexpress site, you can use several different options:

1. Using the title. For example, in the search bar, I wrote an mp3 player and clicked on the magnifying glass icon.

Further, after the search results are displayed, to select the most suitable options, you can apply various filters, for example:

  • selecting goods only with free shipping;
  • by brands;
  • characteristics;
  • can be sorted by popularity, new products, price, and so on.

This is the maximum used alternative for looking for items on Ali. Know-how what kind of product, with what characteristics you want, in addition to, additionally making use of diverse filters, you may find the maximum top-rated option for buy.

2. Seek by way of class. This option is suitable if you are looking for a product, but you have not but decided exactly which one you need to order: style, version, and so on.

In this case, hover the mouse cursor over the preferred category, bringing up extra subcategories. Then click on on the one you’re interested by, go to the assessment of the presented items. Use filters to select suitable merchandise.

3. Seek by means of picture or photo. In this example, it is higher to apply the Aliexpress utility. It is enough to release it and click on on the camera icon.

After which point the camera lens at an object or photo and search for an item.
Product choice and correct ordering on Aliexpress

The use of one of the seek methods, you may discover the identical type of merchandise you’re inquisitive about. Subsequent, an essential step is to pick the most inexpensive one among the ones presented. On the equal time, it need to be of excessive fine and also be bought by using a first rate seller.

To recognize what a product is, click on on it. You may be redirected to a page with a description, reviews, and ordering alternatives. Discover the page, familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the proposed purchase offered with the aid of the picture. Pay unique interest to evaluations from customers who’ve already bought and received this product.

The reliability of the seller may be determined via installing the plugin from the Letyshops cashback provider.

This plugin will display now not only the rating, however additionally how the rate of this product has modified, and will also allow you to activate cashback.

After ensuring that the vendor has a very good stage of consider in the site, and the issue suits you, you can continue to checkout.

Step-by-step instructions on how to order a product

You can buy completely special merchandise on Aliexpress. The buying precept might be the equal.
So, if you accompanied my recommendation and decided to use cashback, before setting an order, set off it. If no longer, skip this step.

Now you can place an order on Aliexpress.

It is required to select a product according to the proposed parameters:

  • color, size, volume, and so on;
  • indicate the quantity;
  • select a delivery method – by default, the system selects the cheapest type of delivery (usually free). But, if you click on the delivery (number 3 in the picture above), you may find it for a more convenient and faster view;

choose a delivery method

Having made a desire, you have to click “purchase now” and visit checkout, or click on “upload to cart” and start seeking out different products.

Filling in the order delivery address

Having picked up the product in keeping with the desired parameters and clicking the “buy” button inside the product card or the basket, you’ll continue to the level of creating a buy. First of all, the device will ask for the recipient’s cope with, where the ordered parcel might be despatched.

When you have no longer but made purchases on Aliexpress, then you may need to fill out the proposed form. If there have already been purchases, the machine will propose the saved cope with itself.

Filling out the shape is very simple and intuitive. The information which you need to go into yourself – imply in Latin (English letters), and inside the drop-down lists – pick the favored united states, place, town. This address can be saved if favored. In the future, you could add a few greater addresses or edit / delete the saved one.
If you have any doubts about the correctness of filling, you could study our article – how to fill within the address efficiently.

Choosing a payment method

After the address data is added, the next step is to select a payment method.

There are several ways to pay for your purchase on Aliexpress. All of them are safe and you shouldn’t worry about the safety of your money. Here they are:

  • by bank card;
  • Yandex Money and Webmoney;
  • via QIWI account;
  • cash;
  • mobile payment;
  • other methods depend on the country of the recipient.

In this text, i can no longer describe a way to pay in a single way or some other, i can handiest describe how to pay via card. Articles with different strategies have already been written and published on our internet site. I suggest the use of the quest on our web site.

So, we choose the payment method – “Card” and enter the necessary data:

  • Card number;
  • surname and first name of the cardholder;
  • its validity period;
  • and a security code.

In case you want, you may check the box “keep the card”, whereby you may save your self from the want to enter the card records each time.

Then press the button “Confirm”. After that, check the amount to be paid again. The final cost of the order includes:

The amount of the value of transport and items;
Deductions of various discounts in the shape of coupons and promotional codes.

If the whole thing suits you, click the “area an order” button and make the charge.
After fee, the order will get hold of the reputation – “price is being established”. Sometime after verification, it’ll change to “awaiting dispatch” and the seller will start sending your parcel.

Can I cancel an order?

Pretty regularly, users want to cancel an order. And that they end up inquisitive about this trouble. Yes, you could cancel your order even in case you made a fee. The simplest circumstance is this need to be done earlier than the vendor sends the parcel. If the seller sends it, then, lamentably, the cancellation will not work.

To cancel an order, you must click on the right button and choose one of the proposed motives.
You could study greater approximately cancellation here.

Order statuses and their meanings

After you select a product and place an order for Alex express, depending on the stage, it will be assigned different statuses:

  • Payment pending – the order has been generated, but not yet paid;
  • Payment is being verified – the system is checking the payment;
  • Awaiting dispatch – the sender prepares the parcel for dispatch;
  • Order sent – the package has been sent and you have been given a tracking number for tracking it;
  • Completed – order received or canceled before shipment;
  • Payment processing – after the order receives the “Completed” status, the system selectively performs a check before transferring money to the seller. This status is rare.

Track your order

After buying Ali, the products can be prepared via the provider for shipment and transferred to the courier provider. After that, the vendor will indicate the monitoring quantity of the parcel so that you can song it.

From the moment the package is dispatched, novices are eagerly anticipating its arrival. Transport will now not be fast, so you will have to wait a bit. Every now and then you want to hold a watch on its movement and the safety period of your order.

Where to find the tracking number

To try this, you need to go to Aliexpress, to the “My Orders” page, and select the preferred order. Then click “take a look at monitoring” or “greater”.

After clicking at the “take a look at monitoring” button, a brand new web page will open. Statistics on your parcel will be displayed right here. If it was despatched recently, then there might be no records about its motion yet. It’ll soak up to 10-15 days to receive the primary records on its movement.

To find the monitoring quantity, scroll down the page a little and find the “tracking number” column.

Where can I track my order?

  • If you want to track the movement of the parcel, you can do this:
  • on the Aliexpress website itself in orders;
  • you can use tracking on our page;
  • or use services such as GdeParcel, Track24, 17track, and others.

Buyer protection

From the moment the parcel is sent and within 60 + 15 days, the order is protected.

What does it imply? From the instant an order is made for Aliexpress and money is transferred for it, the device shops the client’s budget in a unique account with out shifting them to the vendor. And only after the customer confirms the receipt of the parcel, the seller will receive his money.
It’s far very important to maintain track of the protection period. When it ends and there may be no parcel, you ought to open a dispute for money back. Study more in this article.

How to get an order and not make a mistake

You can find out that the parcel has arrived at your post office:

  • from the notice that you find in your mailbox;
  • from a call or message to your mobile from the post office or courier service;
  • independently track your delivery on the above services.

Having learned approximately the appearance of the parcel, you can take your passport and go to the post office to get hold of it. If there’s a word, fill it out and take it with you. Arriving on the put up office, inform the operator your name and surname, in addition to the transport music number.

Interest! Having obtained the package in your arms, it’s far extremely vital to unpack it, filming the whole technique with your cellphone digital camera.

This will be executed each on the publish workplace and home. In the method of filming, get rid of the parcel from all sides, be sure to reveal its song variety, it need to be easy to “read”. Then unpack the parcel, exhibit the product you obtained, cautiously examine it, show any defects determined on the digital camera.
Having the sort of video, if some thing is inaccurate with the product, you will have evidence to open a dispute and return your money.

How to confirm receipt of goods

When you have obtained the parcel, check your order and you are happy with the entirety, you should affirm receipt. This must be done so that the seller can receive money for the finished order. Also, if you have applied cashback – after confirmation of receipt and verification, it’ll be transferred to your stability.

To confirm receipt of your order, go to “My Orders”.

After that, a new page will open, on which you may need to copy your movement. To do this, take a look at the field in the appropriate box and click on on the equal button again.

After clicking, the device will notify you that you will have 15 days to open a dispute in case of issues with the products. Click the button – “ship”. All order is closed.

Subsequent, the device will provide to go away a review on the purchase made.

Problem with the received item

If the entirety is great with the acquisition, use it to your health. However if a hassle was observed (marriage; breakdown; less amount; not what became ordered) or the parcel did now not arrive in any respect, you must open a dispute for money back of your cash.

To open a dispute, you need to visit “My orders”, locate the favored one and press the “Open dispute” button.

On a new web page, discover a similar button or phrase and repeat the action.

Then another page will open with buttons: “go back only” and “return of goods and money”. Do not be afraid to click on them. You can click on on each of them to peer the advised alternatives that are maximum appropriate in your scenario.

After reviewing the data and figuring out what exactly you need, click on the button that suits you the most. Subsequent, pick out the proper alternatives, indicate the refund amount, describe the cause for the claim, adding evidence. After filling out the shape – click on the “put up” button.

After beginning a dispute, you ought to watch for a response from the seller or the Aliexpress crew. If there is proof, they may be in your aspect and after a certain duration, they’ll go back your money.

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